521 Master Kit by GeekVape

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The GeekVape 521 Master Kit is a rebuilders toolkit that comes with pretty much everything you’re going to need to wrap your own coils. It features a nice coil jig set, 2 different tweezers (including ceramic!) and 2 different pliers as well, and even a good set of scissors that safely fold away. The best part of this GeekVape 521 Master Kit is that you’re also getting the 521 tab by the same company. If you’re looking for a great rebuilders kit as a gift for that special vaper in your life, or perhaps even for yourself, you can’t go wrong with this master builders kit!


  • 521 tab
  • Ceramic Tip Tweezers
  • Elbow Tip Tweezers
  • Nipper pliers
  • Diagonal pliers
  • Folding scissors
  • Coil Jig set: 5*Bars, 8 Coiling poles & 4 screwdriver heads